Adding References on TOPSAN

We recently added a new feature on TOPSAN that allows you to easily add references as you are editing a protein page. To use this feature,

1. Select the pubmed icon in the WYSIWYG tool bar while in edit-mode:

Pubmed Icon

Pubmed Icon

2. A dialog box will appear that allows you to enter a Pubmed Id, ISBN number, or keyword (author, title, etc.). Click on the selected reference to insert it into the text.

Reference Dialog

Reference Dialog

3. Once you are finished editing the section, save your changes.  The references within the text  will appear in numerical order (i.e [1], [2]), with the full reference in the ‘Reference’ tab at the bottom of the protein page with links to the full article,  Pubmed, and Hubmed:

Reference Tab

Reference Tab

4. By clicking on the reference in the text (i.e [1]) or from the ‘Discuss this page’ link in the References tab you will link to an Article page which is automatically generated on TOPSAN. From this article page, users can discuss the article and can view all pages on TOPSAN that also refer to an article.

Article Page

Article Page

You may also use this feature to easily add your own publications to your User profile page (i.e User:<username>).

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