Collaborative Community Building For Video Annotation

TechCrunch has a nice article about video hosting site,, creating a “collaborative editing approach for video metadata” called WikiCafe. Apparently Metacafe believes that “…quality metadata is as important – if not more important – than the videos themselves.” And their strategy seems to be working out:

“So far WikiCafe is exceeding the company’s expectations. The system is currently logging 14,000 user Edit Actions per day, up from 4000 in September. In my book Metacafe deserves kudos in this respect as well because forming a collaborative community is in many respects far more difficult than delivering the collaborative technology.”

It’s nice that TechCrunch feels the same about this kind of venture as we do at TOPSAN:

“Time will tell whether Metacafe’s gamble on WikiCafe will pay off, but you have to admire the company’s vision and courage. Instead of sitting still it’s pushing the envelope in delivering its audience the most accurate video results.”

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