“Obama” and “new media” found in Same SciAm Headline

Scientific American had a tiny posting that really doesn’t contain much interesting information. The headline, however, was something that might be interesting for TOPSAN users to consider:

Obama administration would create new “new media”

It hints that President Obama will be rather more sophisticated and progressive when it comes to exploiting new communication channels.

Obama’s website is more direct saying things like:

“We need to connect citizens with each other to engage them more fully and directly in solving the problems that face us. We must use all available technologies and methods to open up the federal government, creating a new level of transparency to change the way business is conducted in Washington and giving Americans the chance to participate in government deliberations and decision-making in ways that were not possible only a few years ago.”

This kind of thinking is also the foundation of the TOPSAN mission. Now let’s see how that works out in real life.

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