The Deeper You Go, The More Convoluted

This is a very interesting article by Simpson Garfinkel, author of “Practical Unix and Internet Security” and “PGP: Pretty Good Privacy”, and probably some other excellent, well-written books that are not sitting on the shelf in front of me. In this article he draws attention to the fact that Wikipedia is successful, not fundamentally inerrant in its design.

He says something that we have known at TOPSAN for some time:
“An interesting thing happens when you try to understand Wikipedia: the deeper you go, the more convoluted it becomes.”

He specifically highlights some of the problems which have made the design of TOPSAN so much more complex than people initially assume such an undertaking would be. The exact issue he mentions concerning the unintended consequences of the original research restriction is a core issue of the TOPSAN philosophy.

This article was also referenced on Slashdot and I’m sure there are lots of comments there on the topic.

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